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Our site is updated every week with new items as well as yard sale listings, so finding what is needed will never be a problem.  From Garage sales to classifieds sections in newspapers nationwide, thousands of items continue to be added every week! gives everyone the opportunity to show what they'll have at the sale, giving them the opportunity to sell their items before and after the sale.

Have something that's not needed anymore? What to sell it and not pay a cent?  Post anything and everything on for free? Have your own webpage, compliments of!

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Moonwalk - Great for parties, rentals, and just bouncing around to have fun!
$1,000 or best offer!
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10 Passenger Stretch Limo - Start your own business and make tremendous money. Proms, Weddings, and much more!
Womans Wedding Ring - Wow!  An excellent ring at the perfect price.  14kt Gold, perfect condition, not even a month old!

In todays marketplace, everyone is looking for the best prices, no matter new or used.  When searching for a specific item or even just browsing, it's impossible to visit every single Garage Sale or view every paper across the country.  This is the reason why has come into the picture.  Imagine, having access to garage sales in cities hundreds of miles away!  Imagine, having a Garage Sale and not selling everything.  With us, the items will always be available to local residents as well as nationwide non residents. After having a Garage Sale, the merchandise left will have to find a place back in your garage. Why not continue your garage sale by allowing hundreds of potential buyers the
Not only will you have the opportunity to make money filling out surveys, but you will also have your own site, driving visitors, and making hundreds a day!
Make hundreds of dollars selling cars as well as insurance straight from your computer.  Make money never leaving your home!
No need to be a Realtor to make money our way.  Make money straight from your own site!
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opportunity to view your leftovers locally as well as nationwide.  This is a completely free service, not costing a penny.  Unlike the big sites, we do not charge to list information on our site.   Being Nationwide, this allows us to add thousands of items to our site every week, offering thousands of visitors the chance to locate what's needed. Another unbelievable service that is offered in certain cities transportation to and from selected Garage Sales. Of course, this is a service that costs money, but it still gives those individuals without a car the chance to visit several Garage Sales.  Shipping is one of the biggest  options that offers.  This allows items to get shipped from city to city.  Imagine having a Garage Sale and selling an item to someone in another city.  Of Course, there's sites out there that does have new and used items for sale and gives everyone the opportunity to bid.  Not only does this cost money but it's a hassle to list every item that has no need to you.  Besides, our service is an ongoing service, never ending until that item is sold!  What are you waiting for?  Find something and sell it!.............................................................................It's Free!
Thousands of Garage Sale sites designed weekly!
We've decided to allow everyone to have their very own Garage Sale website, allowing everyone to sell items before, during, and after their Garage Sale.  We will design the website for free, allowing anyone to sell what they have, whether it's at the Garage Sale or online.  We've compared ourselves to Ebay, but without the fees.  We'll allow everyone to post their favorite items as well as the 'best of the rest' items.  Besides the items listed, we'll also create a directions/map section as well as a weather section. Can't beat free!